I’m Radek Mika, @radekmika on Twitter. I’ve been working for Socialbakers, currently as a Product Owner, since 2011.

I went through several roles in the company and I was used to wearing more hats at one time. And before joining bakers I was a freelance web apps developer.

I still pretty much like to code whenever possible (professional hobyist). Besides that I am interested in Data Analysis, Agile and Lean.

I know a lot about Social Networks and their API's. Trust me, over the past few years I actually submitted over 120 bugs to Facebook. Aha! No more wondering why I didn't get the invite for #F8 this year! 😃

In September 2014 I spoke at the Agile Prague conference on Agile & Development at Socialbakers. A year after I refered to this topic in a blog article "Development @ Socialbakers".

I believe that key to success is doing what you love & having freedom doing that. While I am not busy at work I enjoy:

I post pictures on Instagram & Flickr.
And I love coffee. A lot.

You can get in touch with me at radek@radekmika.cz.